Travis Barker – Calabasas

Travis is an incredibly talented musician (Blink 182) and is amazing story of survival and life change.  We trained Travis in his home gym and he routinely cam to my Calabasas center and the Oaks Fitness Center in Calabasas.  Travis is not only agreat musician and drummer but he is an avid philanthropist and activist for minority rights.  We starred in his MTV reality series The Barkers where we profiled his fitness in 2005-2006, often training him on camera.  Travis’ wife Shana Moakler was also a club member and training client.  She is a beautiful woman and puts an ‘all in’ attitude towards her fitness.  Travis survived a horrendous plane accident where he was almost burned to death, and after surviving he told me it changed his life perspective.  Travis is a strict vegan and avid exerciser making fitness a priority in his life.