John Travolta – Sherman Oaks

My first club was on the penthouse floor of the grand Radisson in Sherman Oaks. Looking over the entire San Fernando Valley the club had a 360 degree 14 story view. In the summer of 1993, Mr. Travolta (who was my teenage heartthrob) walked into the club and inquired about the services. I nearly jumped at him and then caught myself. At the time he didn’t look his perfectly polished self and was a little overweight with long hair. When I offered to train him he said, “I purposely have to stay overweight for a movie I’m filming in North Hollywood, which is why I picked this hotel; it has the worst food in the valley”. Well, that wasn’t really true, but it was funny. I placed a recumbent bike in his room for his privacy and he would use the club to strength train early in the morning, sometimes as early as 530 AM before filming. It was incredible to watch him star in Pulp Fiction.