your immune system just got pumped

FITNESS: the capacity of an organism to survive compared to competing organisms

Metabolic Rate Test

How many calories do you need?

Without the answer to that, your diet is a guessing game. Find out now in one 15 test that is accurate to you!

You will finally know exactly what to eat and how much!

Metabolism test

Schedule this test today and find out if you burn 548, 1027, or 1864 calories a day. Each person is unique but if you don't know, you might struggle to manage your calories!

  • No more need to diet
  • Diet plan based on YOU
  • Ongoing testing available

Bio Hack Bands

Effortless strength training! No more sore joints! No more sore muscles! Just RESULTS!

The B3 BFR Bands are ideal for people who don't want pain from strength training. The bands are easy, light and comfortable, and the results are just incredible.

It's as easy as PUMP and GO!

BFR Bands

Increase Cardio easily, build muscle without pain, and all in 20 minutes!

  • Upper and lower body set
  • Includes pump and case
  • Videos and fitness programs


Insta-Pulse® is hand held device that allows you to measure your heart rate simply, instantly and accurately, whether sitting down or exercising. Grasp the Insta-Pulse with both hands and it will automatically turn on and continuously update your heart rate.

The unique and rugged design is made for instant biofeedback.

Insta-Pulse ®

Monitor your heart rate and your progress. You'll be amazed.

  • Hand Held EKG
  • Simple, Instant, Accurate
  • Available stand or mount

See easy tutorials and Fitness Videos for each product!

Get ready for a new you.