August 6, 2018

Celebrity Timeline

Celebrity Timeline

Celebrity Timeline

August - 2010

Rob Schneider – Encino Fitness

I was a Consultant and in home trainer for Rob and his wife. Funny quote: When I asked him if I could measure his waist circumference, he said  “I’ll lift my shirt up if you lift yours”

August - 2008

Jermain Jackson – Calabasas Oaks Fitness Center

As the operation Manager and head of fitness services I often counseled Mr. Jackson in cardiovascular training and nutrition. Mr. Jackson has an a very healthy daily diet and exercise regimen including cardio, strength training and yoga. He is very handsome and has quite a presence, but his greatest attribute is his kindness.

July - 2008

Travis Barker – Calabasas

Travis is an incredibly talented musician (Blink 182) and is amazing story of survival and life change.  We trained Travis in his home gym and he routinely cam to my Calabasas center and the Oaks Fitness Center in Calabasas.  Travis is not only agreat musician and drummer but he is an avid philanthropist and activist for minority rights.  We starred in his MTV reality series The Barkers where we profiled his fitness in 2005-2006, often training him on camera.  Travis’..Read More...

January - 2008

Brad Garret – Hidden Hills

Brad Garret, best known for his role as the super tall brother in Everybody Loves Raymond, is incredibly funny.  He is a big guy and we trained him in both our Calabasas club and in his home in Hidden Hills.  At 6’9″ tall, he frequently suffers from low back pain.  When I made an attempt to calculate his BMI, his biometrics were outside the parameters of the body composition equipment.  He loved the stretching and massage part of our sessions,..Read More...

July - 2007

Bill Handel – Encino Club

Bill Handel is one of the most outspoken and opinionated radio talk show hosts in America.  He and his lovely wife Margerie were clients and members of my Encino club for 6 years.  Bill struggled with his weight throughout his life until he had bariatric surgery and lost 100 pounds.  He is extremely intelligent; educated in law and medicine and is touted as one of KFI AM 640’s most successful radio talents.

June - 2007

Gary Sinese – Calabasas Club

We began working with Gary in our Calabasas club and the Oaks fitness center. Gary is a super fit guy who likes to train at high intensity. He is an incredible actor and also follows a strict vegetarian diet.

August - 2006

DL Hughley – Oaks Calabasas

DL has an incredible physique and is an avid exerciser. He is a comedy genius and an active supporter of the causes for the homeless in Los Angeles. He really enjoys strength training and cardiovascular exercise and has a very good understanding of nutrition. Funny Quote: “This better be worth it…”

June - 2005

Robert Zemeckis – In Home – On Set

Robert Zemeckis is a one o the great film director/producers. He is a natural born leader and is committed to a healthy lifestyle in spite of the rigors of the movie business. Although he travels quite a bit and is often on site filming for months at a time, Robert takes his personal trainer with him. We had the opportunity to send a crew of trainers and a trailer of fitness equipment to Alabama for the filming of Forrest Gump...Read More...

August - 2004

Rue McClanahan – Home Fitness

Rue McClanahan was always so sweet. And she was devoted to her exercise program. She was originally a ballet dancer and devoted to the theater. She had a ballet bar in her fitness studio and often found repetitive exercise as rather boring. Interestingly she had an english accent and was not soft spoken. We are both Irish girls and we giggled a lot, sometimes she would suggest we just chat instead of work out. I never gave in!

July - 2001

Carl Reiner – Home Fitness

Provided home fitness strength training for Mr. Reiner. Carl has a dry sense of humor but takes his health and fitness very seriously. Funny quote “You may enjoy this, but I don’t have to.”

June - 2001

Tony Bennet – Century Plaza Fitness Center

Tony Bennet is one of the most charming men I have ever met. He took his exercise program very seriously and worked out every single day. I met him several times as he would often stay at the hotel and train with me in the mornings. One morning he sang to me on while walking the treadmill and I nearly fainted!. He married his personal trainer and in his words, “She keeps me fit as a fiddle”. He believes his..Read More...

April - 2001

Steven Spielberg – Studio City

My work with Mr. Spielberg was mostly In Office Fitness training. Our services were provided to a bevy of entertainment industry organization and Steven had a fitness center adjacent to his office in Studio City. As a film production and direction ‘magician’ Mr. Spielberg understands the importance of stress management to his physical health. We would train him during his lunch hour at the office to be as efficient as possible. He is a wonderfully charming and extremely intelligent man..Read More...

November - 2000

Al Gore – Century Plaza Hotel and Tower

Provided in Room Fitness and Sports Medicine Services for Mr. Gore. He is a very charismatic and health conscious individual who prides himself on with having a connection to his health and to the health of the planet. Interesting quote “I hope the security wasn’t too frightening”

June - 2000

Bill Clinton – Century Plaza Hotel and Tower

Provided in Room Fitness and Sports Medicine Services to Mr. Clinton. Bill visited the Hotel for political business many times during the time I ran my health and fitness centers there. I was head of the steering committee for his fitness and sports medicine services when he would stay at the Century Plaza Hotel and Tower. Mr. Clinton would often have a personal trainer and sports therapist booked, but his schedule was so packed my services were often rescheduled. I..Read More...

May - 2000

Hillary Clinton – Century Plaza Hotel and Tower

Provided in Room Fitness and Sports Medicine Services for Mrs. Clinton. She was truly a pleasure to work with. I was head of the steering committee for her fitness and sports medicine services when she would stay at the Century Plaza Hotel and Tower. She was often so busy that I did not get to work with her as often as I would have liked. I kept her room stocked with the best quality equipment and she and her husband..Read More...

October - 1999

Ellen Degeneres – In Home Fitness

Ellen Degeneres is a genius and by far one of the most interesting and talented persona I have ever worked with. Funny Quote:  “The treadmill should have little buttons at the top that read -PIZZA- -FRENCH FRIES- -ICE CREAM-, that way I could just punch in what I ate and it would go until I burned it off.” She always asked me: “Is there anyway you can do this for me?”. A very funny lady.

June - 1999

John Ritter – Century Plaza Fitness Center

Funny man and best known for his role in Three’s Company, Mr. Ritter was a wonderfully intelligent guy who was very generous. He was not fond of exercise but enjoyed training with me at my exclusive Century City club. He would often laugh about how he couldn’t shake the persona of his character on Three’s Company. I was very sad the day he died suddenly of a heart attack.

March - 1999

Doris Roberts – Home Fitness

Doris was a lovely woman who was very proud of her cast involvement in Everybody Loves Raymond. She would watch the show while she warmed up on the treadmill and loved to give me the inside scoop on what went on behind the scenes. Because of her inescapable role as the ‘mom-like’ character Marie on Raymond, she was careful not to change her weight for the character.

March - 1998

Diane English – Century Plaza Fitness Center

As a writer and creator of Murphy Brown, I am always in awe of Diane English. She is a highly talented writer. Her sitcom won many an Emmy and was syndicated for 10 years. She is dedicated to her exercise and nutrition and maintains a program of cardio, strength and Pilates. Famous quote: “I want everyone on the set to feel as good as I do working with you, oh and can someone please replace the food cart brownies with..Read More...

March - 1996

Merv Griffin – Beverly Hills

In 2010, I had the privilege of working on the redesign of the fitness center in Beverly Hills hotel. That’s where I met Merv Griffin. During the redesign I developed the Fitness Services List for in room exercise became the on-staff personal trainer, and worked with Mr. Griffin. Merv was very gracious and was a hard working gentleman who could often be found at his desk even when he was very tired.

October - 1993

John Travolta – Sherman Oaks

My first club was on the penthouse floor of the grand Radisson in Sherman Oaks. Looking over the entire San Fernando Valley the club had a 360 degree 14 story view. In the summer of 1993, Mr. Travolta (who was my teenage heartthrob) walked into the club and inquired about the services. I nearly jumped at him and then caught myself. At the time he didn’t look his perfectly polished self and was a little overweight with long hair. When..Read More...

February - 1993

Jodie Foster – West Hollywood

Jodie was a good friend of Todd Del Pesco, the LA Private Trainers founder who operated our first West Hollywood location. Jodie would pull up in a limousine and sometimes brought friends with her to workout. She said Todds’ ab routine was  a ‘total burn’ and that her legs had never looked as good as with his lunge routines. Jodie referred us to her friends and family and I worked with her mother Evelyn at her home in Calabasas for..Read More...