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Our new Virtual Workshop experience (via Zoom video conferencing) connects you with LA Coaches and delivers science-backed strategies and inspiration at home. Includes exercise video’s and tracking.

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Meet with our coach at your home or one of our offices and share your lifestyle, schedule, and goals with your LA Coach to get a personalized action plan weekly. Includes fitness assessment, weight loss and supplementation recommendations.

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Fitness is not genetic, neither is a good immune system. These are states of being achieved by taking the right actions and turning them into habits.

About us

Is experience important? Ok then. We will be dating ourselves and bragging.
We've been teaching since 1993, when fitness was for exclusive to celebs.
Now you can all have it.
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Get your Personal Lifestyle Score today and you can start to change your habits in the order you need most. This unique series of questions are calculated through our proprietary lifestyle software which will give you a score and a recommendation in all the areas you need to change to be healthy.

  • Exercise

    Exercise is crucial to human health. We focus on getting you into action because we know how important it is.

  • Food

    What you eat is either building you up or taking you down. We know the science of the microbiome and so will you.

  • Stress

    Stress can lead to disease. Most lifestyle disease can be prevented or reversed. We walk you though it one behavior at a time.

Our Professional Team

Driven by compassion and experience, each of us contributes to your program
Mavis Anne McConnon
Mavis Anne McConnon
CPT, CHC Founder and Director of LA Health Coach Services.
After graduating with a degree in economics from McDonald College in Canada, Mavis moved to Los Angeles to operate LA Private Trainers Health and Fitness Co., and became an industry leader in personal training. Mavis is the go health coach to hundreds of celebrities and LA executives.
Dr. John Enayati
Dr. John Enayati
Referring Internal Medicine, Geraitrics, Obesity Treatment and Prevention
As an attending physician at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Olympia Medical Center and Saint John’s Hospital, Dr. Enayati offers his patients multiple disciplinary care. He works with each patient to achieve their unique healthcare goals-from alleviating pain to promoting healthy aging and disease prevention.
Kara Kelly
Kara Kelly
CFO, Operations Director of LA Health Coach
Kara has a MS in Social Science and has worked as a Defense Contractor and former White House Sciences Office Manager. Kara manages the ITO and member interface Outcomes and Quality Control Standards.
Dr. Ron Moy
Dr. Ron Moy
Referring Dermasurgeon, Dermatology, Professor UCLA
As one of the leading cosmetic and facial plastic surgeons in Los Angeles, Dr. Moy is also a Diplomate of the American Board of Dermatology, American Board of Cosmetic Surgery and the American Board of Facial Cosmetic Surgery
Yvonne McConnon Bourgeous
Yvonne McConnon Bourgeous
Director of Health Education LA Health Coach, Registered Nurse, MS Critical Care Research Analyst.
Yvonne graduated with a BS in Nursing from McGill University Canada and specializing in Trauma and Critical Care, Yvonne is also a Research Analyst specializing Cardiovascular Quality Care Outcomes.
Dr. Shahram Salimitari
Dr. Shahram Salimitari
Referring Bariatric Surgeon and Weight Management Specialist
Shahram Salimitari, MD is a fellowship trained laparoscopic / bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles. He graduated with honors from the University of California, Irvine and earned a Master’s Degree in Physiology from the Chicago School of Medicine.
David Arellano
David Arellano
David Arellano is a Veteran US Army Marine Sergeant and a Certified Personal Trainer with the American Council on Exercise. He is a former staff trainer for LA Private Trainers and a Health Coach and Personal Trainer for LA Health Coach.

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